“K” is for Kiss, Kaleidoscope, Tesla and Clover

Happy Monday Travellers!!

Are Mondays really so bad? I mean really, it’s just another day of the week isn’t it? I wonder every Monday how did this day come to be branded the problem child of the week days. I’m sure you’re thinking, because I have to go back to school or work or whatever you do…sometimes I think, at least in America, we should be glad for that, glad to have a job and the good fortune of an education, because so many in the world don’t have either one. And in five days another weekend will appear. Just a thought…

Today’s imagination exercise is brought to you by the letter “K”. In case you are new here, WELCOME and if you click on the “Imaginative Alphabet Stuff” category at the top of this post, it will display all the other letter’s of the past several weeks. Probably help you make sene of what I’m doing as well…just a helpful hint in one word, FUN, do you make time for some fun every day?…Start with “A”…

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You can’t handle the truth

How’s your Sundaze going Travellers?

I’m working on my cowgirl up today…I’ve been thinking about my version of reality a lot this morning. I may have some delusions about how life works. And I think it’s contributing to my distress. Call it trying to be reasonable with myself.

Lately, I’ve felt abit like a mob victim in a movie. The one who stumbled backwards in the confrontation scene into the hole in the ground that becomes my wet cemented tomb. Because in the movies there is always a convenient pour truck nearby isn’t there…

Yes, you’re welcome, I have a flair for drama. Love the dramatic traumatic cinematic analogies. But you do know what I mean? Everyone has those times in life where reality comes flooding in, crushing you, smothering you? No? No?

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In Medias Res…

Happy Saturday Travellers,

This is the last sunny day we’re going to have here for awhile so I broke my morning routine and walked to ladies. Saturday’s are usually our day off from walking. By the time our paws hit the pavement, the sun was already out and the sky is clear, so nothing spectacular to gaze at above. The loveliest moment  was the way the dew on the grass shimmered in the sunlight like a thousand little jewels. There’s always something out there to see, that’s a promise I could make without hesitation.

I’ve been having trouble writing lately and I think it’s because I’m been agitated and ineffective in curtailing all my thoughts or just getting a grip. Too much crying, thoughts of dying, too many I don’t want to’s or should have’s or how am I going to’s are not lending themselves to writing. Those thoughts are crowding out or smothering my muse…

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The Spaces in Between

Good Evening Travellers,

If every day could start with a walk like the one I had this morning…not because the sunrise was spectacular or the temperature was perfection, but because I discovered the space in between the sunrise and the night skies. I’ve walked in the morning light and the fringes of it’s darkness, but I can’t recall ever experiencing this particular heavenward canvas before…the fade from blackish blue thru all the shades of indigo, navy and plum. The most exquisite combination of blue and purple hues that slowly melted into periwinkle. Nature seems to have a bottomless color palette.

Sometimes I think I should write a book called “A Million Morning Skies, the Inspiration for a Human Life”…

I’ve been thinking about all the in between spaces today. The hours where the skies undulate between day and night. The hours between sleep and awake. The way our emotions come and go creating compartments of time. The minutes or hours spent traveling from place to place. Time that bridges one goal to the next. The way our lives change in between all the various destinations. The moments we let slip away each day between tasks, chores, work or other events…do you ever think about those times?

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Learning To Fly

Good morning Travellers,

It’s one of those mornings where I awoke to 77 degrees, thick air and cloudy skies. No sunrise. Unfortunately for the ladies, anything over 74 means no walk. 74 are the last digits on the thermometer that everyone tolerates well. As in, no one is dragging behind at any point on our jaunt. I sometimes wonder how much heat I could personally handle wearing a fur coat. Dogs are warriors about this kind of stuff aren’t they? Think about that when you see a dog outside in the heat next time…

I realized this past weekend, I have become abit of a home bound soul. Not quite a hermit, but on the weekends, I’ve been in ALOT. Lately I find I’d rather stay in my house with my four furry family members and watch Netflix, soothing myself into numbness than try to I dunno, go out in the world, meet new people, have new experiences, bravely face my future etc. I just want to hide. That’s the truth, I want to curl up in the fetal position and not move. I don’t know that I would call it fear, as much as just sparing myself all the discomfort…I am beyond uncomfortable in my life right now..

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“J” is for Joy, Juicy and flying about in a Heli-J

Happy Monday Travellers,

Are you feeling rested yet? It’s always most unfortunate to arrive at Monday morning and be exhausted from your weekend. Do you know what I mean? Maybe you’re just exhausted from your life, because that also happens and Monday somehow takes the blame. I haven’t really greeted this morning in the finest of moods myself, but we walked under a sky that only Monet could have painted and gladness planted a little seed inside my soul. Pretty sure that’s called hope…

Let’s be good sports here and ease our minds and weary souls with a little imagination exercise…in case you are unfamiliar with this situations, please see the past Monday’s posts, here, here, here and here  just for starters… E-I can be found trailing not too far behind with some browsing…

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Our Symbiotic Sun

Dearest Travellers,

Wednesday is here, and I have prepared a feast for your weary eyes and ragged soul. I actually took my phone this morning on our walk, and what started as a mere blushing sky gave way to a peach of a sun..but before we go there, a few thoughts if you don’t mind…

I think seeing the sunrise each day is a cure of sorts. You can feel like your life is over or worthless or super shitty, just whatever ails your deeper well, and then there is this miraculous event waiting for us. I know that sounds so syrupy sweet, but the more sunrises I experience the more I believe it’s true. In all of it’s tiny graces, this planet is a gift, no matter it’s maker, and I urge you to find that out before you leave it.

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Rewrite Life

Hola Travellers,

As we left this morning, I didn’t think the skies would be anything special, so I didn’t take my phone for photo ops. I was mistaken. I wish I had, because it was a marvelous unveiling of the sun through banks of clouds unlike any morning I have seen. I keep thinking, “If I could just move the buildings out of the way, so I could see all the way to the horizon, it would make it more glorious”, but then I reconsidered…maybe there’s something about the juxtaposition of the daily life grind with an extraordinary sun rise versus a postcard image of sunrise on a beach. It’s accessible wonder. And it’s real. Real counts for a lot in my book.

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“I” is for kid stuff and dropping the mic

Hello Travellers,

Here’s Monday!!

Only this one here in the States is a holiday for most, which means no work today. I had set my alarm for 5am, but didn’t get up until 6am, because well, it’s a holiday. And I’m here late, because it’s a holiday…

Our morning walk was uneventful. The sky was clear, the sun rising, and I tell you, no clouds equals no greater glory. Don’t get me wrong, the way the sun’s rays cast their light across whatever object they encounter is a thing of beauty, but it fails to really make my jaw drop in wonder like the clouds can. And walking with the rising sun is still the best wake up I think a human can experience.

Not sure what I’m going to do when winter comes though…But we’ll worry about that when the time comes, which is something I need to learn to say more often in life.

Is your imagination ready?

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The 5

Happy lunchtime Travellers,

It’s a holiday weekend in the States, so I’m off work for 4 whole days. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with myself, but I’ve decided I’m going to try and break my weekend routine and do something new. Which is difficult for me, as I’m a creature of carefully constructed reassuring habits…

I do enjoy abandoning the awareness of time and it’s passing. One of the loveliest things is to move thru the space of a day without it’s measure, do you know I mean? When you have time without it being under the dominion of work, chores, life…it’s a gift.

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