Our Symbiotic Sun

Dearest Travellers,

Wednesday is here, and I have prepared a feast for your weary eyes and ragged soul. I actually took my phone this morning on our walk, and what started as a mere blushing sky gave way to a peach of a sun..but before we go there, a few thoughts if you don’t mind…

I think seeing the sunrise each day is a cure of sorts. You can feel like your life is over or worthless or super shitty, just whatever ails your deeper well, and then there is this miraculous event waiting for us. I know that sounds so syrupy sweet, but the more sunrises I experience the more I believe it’s true. In all of it’s tiny graces, this planet is a gift, no matter it’s maker, and I urge you to find that out before you leave it.

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Less Wishing, Hoping, Dreaming, More Doing, Doing, Doing

Good morning Travellers-

Last night one of my very favorite things about life on this planet occurred, the lightening bugs returned to my backyard. Or fire flies if you’d rather. I love their rapid flashes of fluorescent butt lights. I say butt lights because it is in fact the abdomen/booty area that is lighting up. Apparently, that’s how they signal and attract mates. What a fantastic weird life!!

I’ve also never been able to photograph them very well. When I’ve tried to film them, it feels like you miss out on their magic. And they are magic. Times like this remind me that I’m so glad I didn’t grow up with a cell phone, so glad all my memories of youth are real time brain storage versus being “in the cloud” storage. I always feel like nights like last night and these creatures have a dream like quality to them.

Anyways, after I wrote yesterday morning’s post, I started thinking about wishing, hoping and dreaming and how maybe I just need more doing…

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Lost on the highway

Hello Travellers,

Oh, it’s late and I haven’t been here in awhile. That’s actually not true, I have been here on and off, stopping and starting various ideas, but leaving nothing. I struggle with recording here where my life has been since late October, but tonight I feel compelled to leave something behind…I’m not editing this, so pardon my lack of eloquence.

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